14 best-known types of typical Spanish food


Spanish gastronomy is one of the most famous and tasty in the world, due in large part to the quality raw material with which it is made and the different methods of preparation that exist as a result of the tradition and rich culture of our country.

In addition, gastronomy is not just food, Spain also offers an exclusive selection of wines, with some of the best denominations and wineries in the world.

Choosing the best dishes in Spain is not an easy task, since there are great differences between the north and south of the peninsula and there is also a great variety of exquisite recipes in the different communities and regions of the country. 

As it is very difficult to choose the best dishes in the country, in this list we have decided to choose some of the most famous and well-known recipes that if you have not yet tasted on some occasion, we invite you to try.

14 Best recipes of typical Spanish food

Potato omelette

Composed of potato, egg and onion, its simplicity of preparation has made the potato omelette one of the quintessential dishes of Spanish cuisine. 

It can be made with or without onion, well done or underdone, in short, each person can make it to their liking to have the desired result. 

Madrid stew

The cocido is a stew made up of a first course of noodle soup with the broth resulting from cooking the chickpeas with vegetables, usually cabbage or green beans, chicken, beef, bacon, chorizo ​​and black pudding, which are also served as a second course to accompany the chickpeas, although there are different methods and the way of serving the different ingredients can vary according to the taste and customs of the person who prepares it.

Without a doubt, cocido madrileño is Madrid’s dish par excellence, due to its tradition and the exquisite flavors it offers us.

It is important to note that there are other types of stews depending on each area (mainly their ingredients vary), although they all share the method of preparation, such as the mountain stew.

Valencian Paella

It could be said that paella is the most famous Spanish dish outside our borders. 

Traditionally from Valencia, due to its reputation it can currently be found anywhere in Spain, although it usually varies in terms of preparation and ingredients, although it is always based on rice and its preparation in a paella (type of special pan). to prepare this type of dish).

Asturian stew

The Asturian bean stew, as its name indicates, is a dish originating in the Principality of Asturias. 

This is a traditional dish made with beans and with chorizo, black pudding and bacon. It is therefore a very consistent dish, which makes it one of the best options to eat in cold months and one of the favorites for many people.

Octopus Galician style

Also called octopus a feira, Galician-style octopus is one of the most famous dishes in Galicia and throughout Spain. It is usually served with a side of boiled potatoes. Salt, paprika and olive oil are sprinkled on top of the octopus and potatoes.

Lambor roast suckling lamb

The roast lamb is cooked in a wood oven to obtain a golden skin, and it is served in clay pots to better maintain the temperature of the dish. 

It is one of the most famous meats in Spain, and its breeding and preparation have origins and deep roots in the communities of Castilla y León and Aragón.

Iberian Ham

Typical of the provinces of Huelva and Badajoz, Iberian ham is one of the most typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy. The pata negra or the 5J are among the best types of ham that can be found on the market. 

This is one of those special dishes for events or special dinners given its high value and great flavor. 

Cordovan salmorejo

Originating in Córdoba, as its name suggests, salmorejo is one of the most typical dishes of southern Spain, although it is consumed in many places in Spain. It is made from tomato with bread, garlic, vinegar and oil, and added to its easy preparation makes it essential in the hot months.

Andalusian Gazpacho

We continue with one of the most famous dishes in southern Spain. It is a cold soup made with tomato and bread, cucumber, onion, garlic, green pepper and oil, so like salmorejo, it is one of the essential dishes when the hot months approach.

Mountain Stew

The mountain stew is the most typical dish of the Cantabria region. It is made with white beans, collard greens and a side of marinated ribs, bacon, black pudding and chorizo, which makes it an ideal hearty dish for the cold months. It has a certain resemblance to the Asturian bean stew and the Madrid stew, although with its particularities.


Seafood is the food par excellence when Christmas days approach, although it can also be eaten on other special occasions, although its high price makes it a meal for specific occasions. 

Among the most typical shellfish of the Spanish coasts we can highlight razor clams, prawns, spider crab, mussels, Norway lobsters, prawns or clams  among others.

Bravas potatoes and potatoes with alioli

Another of the most famous dishes in Spain is ali oli potatoes. The potatoes are cooked in brine and served cold with the alioli sauce, a sauce made of garlic and oil.

Patas bravas are fried potatoes that are accompanied by a spicy sauce, and these, unlike ali oli, are served hot.

These two kinds of potatoes are very common to find anywhere in Spain.

Tumaca bread

The The origin of this dish comes from Catalonia, but in Nowadays it is very common to find it in any part of Spain. Its recipe is very simple, it is made up of a slice of bread with tomato and rubbed garlic and oil and on top of it a slice or slice of Iberian ham. 

It is one of the most characteristic breakfast dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón

One of the most typical dishes of the Canary Islands, wrinkled potatoes are prepared by cooking small potatoes (black or pretty potatoes) in brine. 

Although in the Canary Islands there is a wide variety of sauces and types of potato, wrinkled potatoes are commonly served with the so-called sauces: mojo picón and mojo verde. 

In fact, this dish is so good that it is considered one of the 7 gastronomic wonders of Spain.

What do you think of Spanish gastronomy? What dish is your favorite? Comment and leave us any suggestions about the typical dishes of Spanish cuisine

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