Food delivery kits to prepare at home


The food delivery kits are an original and delicious way to taste the best gastronomy quickly and easily.

They offer a set of ingredients for the preparation of recipes in order to facilitate the preparation of your favorite dishes at home in a matter of minutes. 

But beware! Do not confuse food delivery kits with dishes cooked by the restaurant before shipment (Delivery).

The food delivery kits provide different but very useful advantages, such as saving time in preparation compared to cooking yourself but with the same quality and variety as in your favorite restaurant. 

Furthermore, food delivery kits are ideal for special occasions when you want to surprise guests with a taste of homemade food, turning your kitchen into an authentic culinary center for a few minutes.

What type of gastronomy are you looking for?

In Homieskits you can find the most popular cuisines in the world such as Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, and much more. Enjoy your favorite type of food now and choose from our wide selection of home delivery kits.

Why order our food delivery kits?

We have a fast delivery service, which added to the easy preparation of the dishes, will allow you to taste your favorite food in a short time with an excellent result.

You will discover a wide variety of different types of gastronomy, restaurants and home delivery kits so that you can always find the ideal dish for each occasion. We also adapt to the tastes of our customers, so we offer vegetarian or vegan food kits at home.