Are you interested in collaborating and publishing on our website? Find out how to do it through this guide for guest authors and learn about the conditions required to write on our blog. With this guide for guest authors you will not only better understand how to publish on this blog, but you will also be able to understand how this type of collaboration works globally. In general, this blog model has a series of common rules so that collaborations are accepted in a precise and smooth manner, although these blogs also usually have their own requirements and/or conditions, so these terms should be read carefully. carefully and accurately. The rules are easy to understand, and of course they are mandatory, so read them completely and carefully. If you are not completely convinced, do not take any steps and think clearly about everything you have read before contacting us.

We will only publish the text if:

  • We haven’t published anything so far and it’s valuable to the reader, so a paraphrased copy and paste from another website or a translation of a post in another language won’t do. We look for valuable material that helps the user to resolve their search intention.
  • Always write in the first person (using the user on a first-person basis), since we intend to show closeness and trust with our audience. Applying an overly corporate tone can have just the opposite effect.
  • All the affirmations and mentions that you make must be verified with tests and mentions or external links to sources that increase and improve the information of some topics and technical terms in each case. For example, if a company is the best in some subject, it shows with data why providing the necessary arguments. Add mentions and external links without fear but without exceeding. If we see that you intend to put links in an unnatural way or force their inclusion, we will remove them. If you want to get a backlink to your project, tell us, nothing happens. This way we can negotiate in more detail.
  • The content of the text must have a minimum and sufficient length to be able to better resolve the user’s search intention. The information must be provided as completely as possible, so we believe that an extension of between 1,000 and 2,000 words may be optimal and adjusted in the vast majority of topics. Depending on the theme, it may be the case that a game theme to write 3000, 4000 or 5000… words.
  • Willingness to exchange links between your website and ours in a 1×1 ratio.

Examples of Acceptable Content Types

  • Tutorials or Guides to do something.
  • Critical assessment of a tool.
  • Comparison of products or services.
  • Portfolio, case study of success or failure.

Steps to follow to close the collaboration

Phase 1: Write us in the form on this page

Finish seeing these indications to know if you are willing to finally write an article for our blog or pay for us to write it for you. The options we provide are the following:
  • Guest Author or content exchange
  • Guest posting or content exchange with us taking care of the writing of both the text to be published on our website and on yours.
  • Change of backlinks on texts already written and published as long as those backlinks optimize in a valuable way the information offered in the article in question.

Phase 2: Wait for a response on Approval

If the proposed topic and approach seems appropriate and adjusted, we will answer you in more detail and establish a delivery and publication date, among other things.

Phase 3: Submit the item this way

Editing a text for a blog is time-consuming, and added to the layout and formatting that is done once it is uploaded to the web, it can take longer than expected at first glance. Therefore, our recommendation is that you write everything in the best possible way at first in order to reduce work for both parties. Some of the requirements to consider are:
  • Propose 5 possible titles/topics (at least).
  • Use formal language and avoid the use of terms:
    • Indecent
    • In bad taste or rude (vulgar)
    • Illegal and/or immoral or unethical
  • Not allowed either:
    • Link to spam or inappropriate content associated with hate crimes or the like. If we think that you are trying to sell links from our blog we will mark them as nofollow or remove them. Also do not try to place affiliate links, we will notice and delete it. You can link to a text from your blog or from another person, or even to a service on your website as long as the content of the article is significant and really valuable for the user.
    • Link content that requires the user to leave their email or phone number to access them (no links to a landing page of this type). If you think it is really necessary for the subject of the article, comment on it and it will be valued.
    • Talk about religion or politics.
  • Always send the text in Word format
  • Always add images, infographics, videos, illustrations or screenshots to illustrate the text intimately connected with the context of the previous or subsequent paragraph to which it refers . Important! The photos must be attached to the mail, not inserted in the word.
  • I reserve the right to modify what I want or request the necessary and/or appropriate checks to ensure that the text that is finally published in our blog adjusts as much as possible to the commented conditions.
  • Communicate clearly if any are added “ Quote” (in quotes and in italics)
  • It is not necessary that:
    • Use underlines as formatting to highlight text
    • Highlight keywords in bold. In any case, an important phrase in the text stands out.
    • Do not use more than one line break in a row or multiple spaces in a row and if possible add spaces before and after the list element to set it correctly. natural spaces between paragraphs without having to add unnecessary spaces. Removing them takes a lot of time and work.
  • If after all the collaboration is carried out and the text is disseminated, we will notify you in time so that you can review it and distribute it. Of course, if we like it, we will call you for future occasions in case you want to repeat. Great authors are always welcome.