The 9 best Mexican restaurants in Madrid


Madrid, like many other cities, has been attracted by Mexican food for some years now (more than 20 years). Nowadays it is very easy to find a Mexican restaurant while you are walking through the streets of the capital.

Mexican cuisine has many world-famous dishes Like tacos or enchiladas, but this millenary gastronomy has a wide range of recipes, colors and flavors that we have yet to discover.

This wide range of Mexican restaurants has a great benefit, there is something for all tastes and prices and you can find practically any traditional dish of Mexican cuisine. 

While some are faithful to the tasty Mexican cuisine, which has conquered the world with its spicy flavors, others are committed to fusion with local dishes or even with other cultures.

If you are looking for Mexican restaurants in Madrid to enjoy a unique lunch or dinner with friends, family, colleagues or as a couple, here are some of the best Mexican food places in the capital. 


Opened at the end of 2021 near the famous Puerta de Alcalá, Bakan is one of those restaurants recommended by Mexicans themselves. 

In this restaurant they stand out mainly for the chalaqueño corn with which they make tortillas, the firewood to cook the meat over a slow fire, and the mezcal. This typical drink, although less famous than tequila, is gaining strength outside its borders.

The prices of the tacos range between €16 and €20 (2 units), a somewhat high price, but certainly worth it. The place is located in the Plaza de la Independencia, 5, so it is perfect to shop around the retreat and book later.

The Bite

Founded by Joaquín Sabina and his partner Julio Sanchez, it makes La Mordida one of the most iconic Mexican restaurants located in Madrid. 

After repeatedly visiting Mexico and tasting its wonderful cuisine, they decided to open their own restaurant in the capital.

One of the best times to visit this famous restaurant is in mid-September, when they celebrate the Fiestas Patrias de México

The place is located at Calle de Pio Baroja, 9 and they have a premium menu for two people that includes a jar of margarita. It is also relatively close to the Retiro Park, so it is a great attraction to make your plan.

12 Chilies

Located in the Mercado de la Paz (Calle Ayala, 28), this restaurant honors traditional Mexican street food stalls. The tacos are cooked on a griddle in full view of the consumer.

The fact of being a food stall means that we find prices for tacos from €3.95 per unit, which is undoubtedly very cheap, considering the quality of the product they offer. 

Without a doubt, one of the best Mexicans in the Goya area.

Maxey’s Taco Bar

Maxey Taco Bar is a restaurant founded by Fernando Carrasco and Julián Barros, both chefs with extensive experience in various restaurants. 

Maxey Taco Bar stands out mainly for its governor tacos, with blue corn tortillas, grilled Oaxaca cheese and ancho chili sauce among many other ingredients.

Maxey Taco Bar has two premises located at Calle de Olid, 6 and Calle San Bernardo, 5 respectively, an area with many shops, cinemas and Plaza de Olavide to plan a plan with friends, a date, a meeting family or an outing with colleagues.

You can find tacos from €8.50 for 2 units, an intermediate price at cipreviously.

Birra’s Taqueria

Opened in 1989, it makes La Taquería de Birra the oldest Mexican restaurant in the capital and one of the most emblematic. 

The owners of La Taquería de Birra have experience in this sector of activity that makes them true pioneers of Mexican cuisine in our country. 

In addition, they have a private place called “La Cantina” where you can book to celebrate private parties with a capacity of 35 people.

Tacos are the specialty of the menu, but they also have other dishes such as enchiladas, chilaquiles or tamales among others, as well as more classic desserts such as cajeta crepes. 

All these recipes make up an excellent sample of the best gastronomic tradition of the Aztec country, which in turn is transferred to the tastes of the people of Madrid, but always maintaining its essence. They also have products for vegetarians on their menu.

Their premises of La Taquería de Birra are located in Plaza de las Comendadoras 2 and Calle Don Pedro, 11, two places with great history and very emblematic in the center of Madrid where you can make a thousand and one plans and then enjoy some good tacos. 

The prices of the tacos range between €8.90 and €9.90 (3 units). They also have Mexican food delivery kits that can be purchased through Homieskits


Mexita offers us a fusion between Mexican and Italian cuisine that you can taste at the Chamberí Market.  There are times when you cannot choose, and for those moments Mexita offers us the perfect solution with a gastronomic offer that unites two of the best cuisines in the world.

The place is located in the Chamberí Market (Calle de Alonso Cano, 10) and you can find tacos from just €1! Yes, you read correctly. 

The Chingona

At La Chingona you will find a new and cozy space where you can discover a mixture of Mexican cuisine with a Spanish touch and some Central American influence. 

They have everything from a cold bar where you can see how they prepare live oysters, ceviches, and aguachiles, to a variety of tacos that unites tradition and modernity in the latest culinary trends.

Their stores are located on Calle Argensola, 7 (ideal if you go through the center) and Camino de la Zarzuela, 23 (ideal if you live in the north-west of Madrid). 

You can find high quality tacos from €8.80 for 2 units.

Takos al Pastor

Takos al Pastor has one of the best quality-price ratios on the market, if not the best. 

The huge queue that there is always in this place to taste their tacos has a great reason, you can find one of the best tacos in Madrid for only €1 per unit! 

Located on Calle de la Abada, 2, next to Madrid’s Gran Vía, you cannot leave, if you are in the area, without trying the renowned tacos al pastor with the classic achiote adobe.

Barracuda MX

The  renowned chef Roberto Ruíz decided  open his second restaurant and until now the only one in operation after having obtained in Punto MX the first Michelin star for a Mexican restaurant in Europe, which unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic, despite its great success.  

This new project aims to take us to the Mexican Pacific coast through raw fish, citrus sauces and fried foods.

The place is located on Calle Valenzuela, 7 and you can find tacos from €14.20 for 2 unitsThese are, without a doubt, the most expensive on the list, but surely the most select.

With this overview of Mexican gastronomy, there are no more excuses for not going into one of these Mexican restaurants in Madrid or ordering your Mexican food kits at home.

Don’t forget to leave in the comments which Mexican restaurant in Madrid is your favorite.

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