Top 11 dishes of typical Mexican food


Typical Mexican food is one of the most famous in the world thanks to its renowned recipes and popular dishes, such as tacos or enchiladas.

But this wonderful gastronomy keeps a wide variety of very tasty dishes that are not so well known.

Mexican gastronomy is synonymous with spicy, something that drives spicy lovers crazy. And it is that thanks to the different types of spices that they use to season their dishes, they have managed to become a well-known gastronomy worldwide.

And the fact is that Mexican cuisine was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010. For this reason, in today’s article we want to talk to you about some of the best-known types of dishes 

11 Best recipes of typical Mexican food


It could be said that tacos are one of the best known dishes of Mexican food worldwide. It is a simple dish, made up of one or several fried corn tortillas filled mainly with meat, chicken or fish.

To this we must also add the addition of various vegetables and the amount of spice that you want to add. In addition, you can use and prepare some sauces such as guacamole or tomato to enhance its flavor and alter the texture of the taco.

And there is really no single recipe for tacos, and this is one of the great factors for which this dish is world famous, because each person can prepare it to their liking. 

Of course, the base is always the same, usually a corn tortilla, which is folded to contain different ingredients and some kind of sauce.


Enchiladas are mainly made up of corn tortillas, chili and cheese. To these ingredients you can add other vegetables such as lettuce, jalapeño, tomato or beans, and/or also beef and carrots, in order to achieve different flavors.

The corn tortillas are filled with the chosen ingredients and rolled into a cylindrical shape. Later, the cheese is added and bathed in a spicy sauce such as the famous poblano sauce.


Guacamole is not a main dish, although in many restaurants you can find it as a starter and with some tortilla chips on the side.

Its preparation is quite easy, it only requires crushing the avocados and mixing them with the chopped chili. You can also add other ingredients such as tomato, onion or a touch of lemon.

Guacamole is considered the best accompaniment to Mexican cuisine.


Mole is a tasty sauce made from chili peppers, corn dough, bolillo (white or French bread) and various spices, usually served together with cooked meats.

As it is a sauce, it is not a main dish per se, but depending on the ingredients you add you can turn it into a main dish. The mole poblano, red, black, green or chimole are the main types of mole in the country of Mexico.

It is true that if you are not a person who does not tolerate spicy food, this dish is not going to be one of your favorites, because it has several spices that will make your palate burn with each serving, although we invite you to try it sometime and meet him.

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita pibil is a stew from the Yucatan region made with pork marinated in achiote, rolled in a banana leaf and cooked in an earthen oven using a pre-Hispanic technique known as pibil. 


Pozole is one of the most characteristic broths of Mexican cuisine. This broth can be prepared with any type of meat or with various vegetables such as chili or avocado. Although the main thing in this dish is the cacahuazintle corn kernels.

The color of the broth may vary, depending on the ingredients it contains. A stew of pozole is undoubtedly ideal for the cold months, which is why it has become one of the most typical spoon dishes in Mexico.


The aguachile is made up of a boiled broth of fresh shrimp, made with pieces of chiltepine chili and a variety of vegetables to taste.

You can even add a shot of tequila to this typical dish from the Sinaloa coast to add flavor to the dish. Many Mexicans use this recipe to reduce or alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.


Totopos are a product made from fried or toasted corn tortilla pieces until they get a crunchy texture. These are usually served accompanied by guacamole, beans and other sauces. The tortilla chips are the perfect additive for companions.

It is very important not to confuse nachos with tortilla chips, since tortilla chips are the fried corn tortilla which in turn are the main product of the dish called nachos, one of the best known dishes of Mexican gastronomy.

Fish a la Veracruzana

The Veracruz-style fish is made up of a white fish fillet spiced with oregano and capers, combined with Mexican chili and tomato.

This is a different dish from those seen above but at the same time very simple to prepare. The pan must be greased with butter and the fish must be cooked until it is golden brown, and then add the aforementioned vegetables

Chili in Nogada

This spicy dish originating from the Puebla region is made of poblano peppers stuffed with a picadillo and mixed fruit stew, topped with walnut cream and sautéed with pomegranate pieces and parsley.

This dish is one of the most beautiful because in its preparation and subsequent presentation you can see the 3 colors of the Mexican flag.


The quesadilla is a Mexican dish that consists of a corn or wheat tortilla, folded in half that can be filled with cheese or other ingredients depending on the region.

What do you think of Mexican gastronomy? What is your favorite dish? Have we forgotten any? Comment and leave us any suggestions about these typical Mexican dishes or others that we have not mentioned.

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