What is a meal kit or meal kit and what does it consist of?


A meal kit is a set of ingredients and recipes for gourmet dishes prepared and conceived by restaurants that are sometimes semi-prepared so that the customer can prepare homemade food quickly and deliciously wherever they want.

They are generally healthy ingredients with recipes that are practically finished, you just have to finalize details for later tasting. 

Consumerism and the speed with which the human being wants products today has caused us to eat worse and faster, hardly enjoying the moment of lunch or dinner with family, friends or companions. 

The food kits or meal kits at home come to change this mentality!

Consumers are increasingly ordering food or shopping at home, so meal kits are ideal. 

In addition, through the meal kits you acquire quality recipes that are prepared quickly and easily with professional results, as if you were in the restaurant itself.

That is why the meal kits or food delivery kits from your favorite restaurants are ideal for special occasions where you want to surprise the guests.

Why are meal kits becoming so popular?

The food delivery kits are comfortable, accessible, and above all, they provide a different way to prepare delicious meals in your home worthy of the best restaurant.

Apart from making your food preparation easier, it also provides confidence in the kitchen and saves time on meal planning and preparation, giving you more time to enjoy your guests.

Another aspect to take into account is the customization that each restaurant brings to each recipe and its presentation to the customer so that each culinary experience is unique. They are displayed in vacuum containers in which the product is kept in perfect condition for use when required.

Of course, they have very simple ordering processes, from delivery orders to personalized subscription plans. Here you can find more about how-homieskits-works and some frequently asked questions.

Through the food delivery kits you can buy your favorite dishes from the different types of gastronomy from some of the best restaurants so that you can enjoy the best recipes with your loved ones as if you were in the same establishment.

Origin and history of meal kits

The trend of meal kits began far from our borders with countries like Australia (where the main company currently distributes 10 million boxes of food each month) or United States< /a>, some years ago (in 2017 there were more than 150 companies in the US). 

At Homieskits we can feel proud of being one of the first companies to carry out this concept in our country, where this market has been around for just under 1 year.

Being advanced in the penetration of this market has allowed us to reach great agreements with some of thehe best restaurants in Spain thanks to which we are able to offer the best food delivery kits on the market.

Did you know about food delivery kits? What is your favorite type of gastronomy? Leave us in comments why you would get a food delivery kit

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